Thorin Firebeard

A half-dwarf and unknowing future hero of the 14th Age


Thorin Firebeard is a rare race of half-dwarf. Dwarves usually stand roughly 4 to 4 ½ feet tall but Thorin towers over dwarves, standing 5’6”. He gets his height from his human father (unrevealed) His mother, Helga Firebeard is a descendant of Ulfgar the Grim.

Like all dwarves, Thorin takes great pride in his beard. Clan Firebeard are the only dwarves with hair the color of burnt orange instead of black, brown, or gray. He designed and crafted his own hair cuffs for his beard and they are made out Mithral, as is his earrings.

Since no image can truly depict Thorin, I will choose generic one for now.Thorin.jpg


Thorin Firebeard

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